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The secret behind the son of God is revealed on Isiah 52:13 as the man who is so miserable that no one would love his face. He became stranded lost in the wilderness finding the lost considering himself no more than a sheep let alone God.

He put one thing in his mind that is to suffer the suffering of the oppressed and to offer comfort for those who are in need. All of this is not figuratively speaking. This is the true life of Jesus when he came to find us.

He became lonely, destitute, helpless and homeless lest we should be fatherless. He drank the penalty of our sin without hesitation which is death. When he came to seek us, all of us were going our own ways living our own life. But knowing the path we choose to destruction, we didn't seek him but yet he pursue us until he found us.

But even when he gasped the pain of death, we didn't consider him worthy of our pursuit. We thought for ourselves he is reaping what he saw and considered him not more than someone who do wrong. Yet there was no evil found in him. He was innocent in all accounts and there was no guilt found in him on earth as well as on heaven.

The story didn't end there. His father in him he trust most had raised him from the dead and gave him an everlasting kingdom and glory with whomever Jesus has interceded and accept him as the savior of their soul.

The reason is because he didn’t consider himself as equal as God when he took the face of a servant and doesn’t compare himself with God but he humbles himself before God taking a flesh that is in likeness of his children that he saved.

God having seen Jesus who took the face of a servant glorified him above everything on earth and above earth. The name of Jesus is the rock of our salvation for those who come to him and hide themselves from wicked things of the world not to dishonor God.

Isaiah 52:13
The Lord says:
    My servant will succeed!
He will be given great praise
    and the highest honors.
Many were horrified
    at what happened to him.
But everyone who saw him
    was even more horrified
because he suffered until
    he no longer looked human.
My servant will make
nations worthy to worship me;
    kings will be silent
    as they bow in wonder.
They will see and think about
they have never seen
    or thought about before.


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