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How to Climb the Unclimbable? Sometimes we are not sure which way to go when we come face to face with hardship in life. Life is so difficult for those who want to follow the truth. It is difficult to those who have the courage to say no to ignorance and sin. It is difficult to those who wants to live a life which is not contrary to the truth.

Whether it is living a righteous and healthy life or leading others in to the same, everything is kind of easy and normal when you flow with the current but the whole hell shake loose when you start to swim against the current. Many gave up their dreams and passions in life due to the struggles that they face.

Don’t get me wrong, we all face challenge if we are on the right way. We face almost no challenges if we surrender to destruction, violence, sin and hatred. The world is corrupted, and we need to make faithful decision for us and for our beloved ones everyday of our lives. Our decisions determine our destiny and that is why we need to be very careful in making one. Whether it is bad or good, everyday one way or the other we are making constant decisions. The question is how many good decisions we make every day.

As human beings, sometimes we will make the wrong decision. But if the good ones out way the bad ones, we are just going to be fine. Nonetheless, we don’t have to give up in trying to make things work for our good as God the father is by our side to help us achieve the goals. Don’t shy away from your dreams or too much burdened by life.

When it seems there is no clear way going forward, when it looks like there is no road map to follow, when we feel there is no way out from the cycles and when we are not sure whether we continue or quit, know that God is able to carry the load that is too big for us to carry. He will renew our strength and take us to the destination He prepared for us even if we are weak on our own. 

We should be grateful since we have eternal father who will never give up on us. His promises are true, and they will never run out or expire. We are loved and we are forever protected. Our fate is sealed, and our destiny is clear. No matter how hard the storm slams the ship, we will reach the harbor safe. And no matter how bad the devil tries to devour our righteousness and peace, we should resist him even more and throw him out of our lives.

In conclusion, life is hard, but God is even stronger. We are weak as a vessel made of clay but he who is in us is stronger than gold. We may feel worthless but he who lives in us is precious more than diamond and rubies.

When we are weak, God releases his grace so that we can bear the unbearable and climb the unclimbable. God is stronger than all of our weaknesses. He is able to do more that all we can do by ourselves. In fact, if we follow our feelings, they may lead us to destruction. Therefore, don’t give up and don’t lose hope for He is faithful to renew our strength and fight our fight by our side. Victory belongs to Jesus! 




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