Frequently Asked Questions

How does this FAQ section work?
The FAQ sections bring a vast amount of information on our website by presenting to our users a serious of the most frequently asked question and their answers.
Can you insert my own question?
Where do I go to read Christian Blogs?
Our blogs section include a vast amount of information simply prepared snippets of information from the word of God where our users can read and enjoy the peace of the Holy Spirit while reading scriptures and get encouragement from our blogs
How do I send my comments about this website to Admin?
If you have a general comment about the website, you may post it in the feedback section which will be available for the public. Please do not write anything that is private nature on this section. Send Feedback
If you want to contact us in private, you may send us private email using the send email utility. Send Email
Can I post my own blog?
Absolutely, Yes! It is also 100% free. But first you need to get registered and you can become a contributor to daily Christian blog online Christian community. You may also read our Terms and Conditions section to be aware of our policies before you become a contributor and post your own blog. Your personal information like password and security questions are all encrypted.
How do I reset my Password?
You may follow the following link to reset you password
Reset Password
How do I change my username?
Please follow the following link
Reset User name
How do I send private message to web site admin?
Please follow the following link Send Private Email
How long does it take to register and start posting my own blog?
There is no time restriction to become a member of daily Christian blog. There is no approval process for your blogs to be posted on our website. You should be able to see your blogs posted and available for others to see your blogs once you signup and start blogging. However, all blogs that don't go with our terms will be removed from our website.
How do I send my prayers to dailychristianblog?
Please follow the following link Send Prayers, that we and other dailychristianblog members should pray for you. You may also encourage someone by posting your prayer who needs prayer and support through dailychristianblog. All your prayers are private and can only be accessed by the registered members of dailychristianblog.
How do I inform technical problems with the website?
Please follow the following link Private Email to send technical problems with the website. We will fix the issue as soon as we get your private email.
How many blogs can I submit per day?
There is no restriction on the numbers of blogs that you can post as long as you agree to the terms and conditions of dailychristianblog and become a registered member of dailychristianblog.
Can I post videos on dailychristianblog?
What is your Statements of faith?
Please read our Statement of Faith and feel free to contact us in case you have any doubts or questions.
How can use the calendar on the home page?
Click on any day(except weekends) on the calendar and it opens up a blog that is posted on that specific date if there is any.
How can I use the Tags page?
The tags page shows frequently used keywords on the blogs. Click on any word in this page and it opens up a blog that match the tag you just clicked.
How can I use the index page?
The index page shows frequently used words in the content of each blog on dailychristianblog
What is the difference between keywords and index?
Keywords are a couple of key terms used by the blogger to identify the blog. Index page list in alphabetic order all the most frequently used words on all blogs