Relationship with God : Love and Faithfulness

We should always remain faithful to the Lord no matter what our circumstances look like. We need to have constant intimate relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Creating a strong relationship with God is the first step to pray and intercede for our brothers and sisters in Christ. The main reason that we are created is to establish the ever flowing love and committed relationship with God. God loves us unconditionally before we even knew him.

God gave his son for the sin of the world to eradicate our sin once and for all and restore the love and relationship with God we lost once. Holy Spirit will teach us how to love and fear our God at all times and establish a committed relationship with God and how we should stay very close to him, for his work and kingdom. He will also teach us about worshiping him and establish a channel of communication through daily prayers. That way and only that way we will find a way out of temptation through the grace of God by Jesus Christ.