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Once upon a time there was prince of a great city and he had a friend crow. They were very close friends and spent most of their time together. Wherever the prince went, the crow followed him. Their intimacy was like families.

One day the prince decided to go a long way to another city. In his adventure, he took his favorite white horse, his huge sword, and some food and water that will last for the journey he planed ahead.

Riding for a while in the dense forest, the prince got lost, while his crow was still hovering around the area from above. Finding all the possible ways, out of the forest, the prince finally got tired and decided to take a nap.

When he woke up, the horse was gone. The prince then got so frustrated and run and run for so many hours finding his way out. All his water that he had for the journey ran out and he became so thirsty that he couldn't move any more. But in all of these, the crow stayed with the princeall the time.

After a while, the prince saw a droplet of water coming out of a big stone and was dropping down the cave. The prince quickly got up and put up his golden cup and started to accumulate the droplets of the water. And then the water became half full and by the time the prince was ready to drink it, the crow dove with a tremendous speed and hit the cup out of the hand of the prince.

The prince became so angry and he said, "I feed this crow from my own hand since it was a little bird but now at the brink of my life, look what he did to me!" And then the prince picked up his cup with his left hand and started to accumulate some water as before, holding his mighty sword on the right hand.

By the time the water was just full enough to satisfy his trust, he took it to his mouth and right at the moment he was ready to drink, the crow dove to snatch him like before but this time the prince cut the crow in to pieces with the sword. And by the time he did that, the water spilt out of the cup again in the process.

While he still did that, a big snake came out of the big rock and tried to attack the prince. But the prince fought for his life and killed the snake with the sword.After that, when he saw the water place, he couldn't believe his eyes. Suddenly he found out that what he thought is rock water, was not simply water at all. In fact it was the poisoned water of the most dangerous snake in the world.

What a sorrow this is for that prince. He killed his life time friend and in fact the redeemer of his life. He lost patience and he didn t take the time to find out that the snake is inside the rock.This is how we lose our family and close friends coming to wrong decisions.

Our condition might be as urgent as this prince but we should always listen to our family no matter what it is. They are the way to advise us on behalf of God and we should listen to them all the time.

Adopted from Kebede M.


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