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In this series we will learn about how it is difficult to live life with opposition from our own friends and family. Sometimes our own flesh and blood can become dangerous and unknowingly fight against us that will have a huge impact on our relationship to God through Christ.

We will also learn that no matter what they do on to us, they do not mean to hurt us and that only because they loved us inside and they don't know how.The Bible says: Due to lack of knowledge the people have perished.

It is good to know everything that God wants us to know.We don't say, I didn t know about that. I wish I did.The wisdom of this world is far from God's eternal plan.We don't see as they see.Even we don't see as God see unless the Holy Spirit revealed it to us.How does it feel to be alone?

Nothing to be depending on.Not getting what you have wished.Sometimes we start to feel all of that.We have sinned against God and we will be left alone just for a while.But I know God hears our prayers no matter what.

There is nothing hidden from him.I believed all of our prayers according to God s will, will be answered.Because God loved us first and we know we love him too.In times when we have no one or nothing to put our trust,In times when we wished not to see any one.Not to seek any advice from blood and flesh.We fear not to talk to any one.Due to the wickedness of human heart.

In times when our enemies appointed a date to destroy us.They already planned in every way possible that we should be perished.The worst part of it is they are those whom we care about.Our own family and friends can become our own enemies.Whether it is according to the desire to serve God or some other reason.They put their every thing to destroy us.They also used all their power to crash us.

We on the other hand don't have any intention to fight back.Except praying with intercede for Mercy of God.We kept our mouth shut and our heart far away from our own sisters and brothers.We didn t know this much up to this moment. That is why what they will do can be more than what they have already done.Without understanding of Gods will for them, they are perishing away!

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