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The leadership challenges we face every day are very crucial in dictating our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I would like to highlight the importance of leadership and the significance of dealing with the challenges we face during leadership.

We become so much frustrated after we tried all we can do and there is nothing we can do any more to change our situation.We get very much disappointed and they beat us very good and we can’t even continue to lead in that area.

As a worker we wanted to see the fruits of our labor and we tend to get nothing.Our problems deeply rooted in our weak emotions and the backgrounds of the other person.Change is not easy and it takes quite some time in some cases.Even the word of God says if we don’t give up so quickly, we will eat the fruit in due time.

Change is inevitable if we don’t give up on our loved ones no matter how many mistakes they have done.If we keep training them showing them how things could be accomplished more easily, we will find ourselves doing a great job in positively influencing their lives.

These are not the only things we face as a challenge.Now I would like to flip the coin and discuss the other side of the story.Now let us discuss the steps we need to take to overcome the challenges we face as the designated leader of the family of the Lord.

We are responsible to fulfill the needs of our family.They trust us with this job so we should do it with love.But that doesn’t mean we should be overburdened with their request.Like any other individual, we need to get settled inside at least once in a while.Unless we experience the peace of the Holy Spirit, we cannot create peace in our family.This is true for both husbands and wives.

When we understand this, we will start to think about the little things we really need to perform our duties successfully both at home and outside.One of the things we really need is personal time with our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ .It is very important to worship the Lord with the congregationBut we need also some time with Jesus in addition to the contribution we have made to the church.

At least once a day, seven days a week.This might not be possible when more things come up and responsibilities build up.But we need that anyways to be successful in our day to day duties.

With prayer and intercession, we need to lay our burdens to the Lord, who said he can take from us.He is faithful to give us the rest of us and the family he gave us with a privilege to protect, lead, admonish and nourish with love till he comes back.


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