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The cause of many arguments and troubles cannot be mentioned exhaustively. While we live in this fallen city, we are tempted to do sin no matter how good we look like from outside. There is always a limitation for our kindness and love. That is why families broke and children are growing without parents.

That is why prisons are full of parents that should have spent their lives serving their family than prison. As human being all we have to know is we are susceptible to violence, pain, misery and temptation. What we need to know is our actions driven by anger instead of love would bring us a lot of pain and misery. We need to understand that when we are angry we do things that we will regret latter.

So if we know that our anger will not do God’s judgment then why get so mad. I believe it will all go back to the point that we are so hurt. The reason of our anger is not momentary. It is for something that occurred to us very long time ago. Something that is not just and right and abusive by nature. Things like that will never be forgotten.

But how many times have we done the same thing to others. How many times how we caused to suffer as we suffer. How many times we treat others with disrespect in their innocence. We may have many issues with our close friends. They have no right to treat the way they do.

But we have no right to treat our beloved ones with disrespect. As human being we incline to abuse someone who is weak and has no cause to defend him. But we fear and respect someone who has gotten himself a set of self-defense mechanisms. Most of us have no way of protecting our selves and family from danger.

If we cannot win someone with love we never win them with violence. Violence leads to violence and more violence. Fight and struggle to win by the way of force are the way of the world not Christianity.

The greatest weapon for a Christian is love. There is no place in the Bible that tells you to win by force rather than by love. A Christian is a soldier of the prince of peace, Jesus Christ. If we want to be his disciples, we have to carry his gospel of peace not weapons of this world.


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