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Hi friends, I’m here to remind you about the Love of God. The Love of God is unique. No person has that kind of love. God’s love is unfailing, undeserving, (I mean that we don’t deserve it because Jesus died for our sins. He had to die for our sins, not His own.) unending, merciful, etc… kind of love. In fact, the whole Bible is about the Love of God. But the highest peak of God’s love is Jesus Christ. What I’m saying is, that because God loved us SO much, God sent His ONLY and begotten Son (Jesus Christ) so that whoever believes in Him, will have eternal (forever) life.


Whenever you feel down, God is looking down at you and He loves you no matter what. In fact, God is never mad at anyone, He only looks down on us and feels very sorry for us. Like in the story of Noah in the Bible, the whole world was doing bad things. Or committing sins. God did not get very angry. Instead, he felt very sorry and decided to flood the earth because of all the bad things that we did. And he saw that only one man was following His Word called Noah. You see, at the end of the story of Noah, God made a rainbow to show that he will never flood the entire earth again. That is an example of God's Love for us.


If you read the Bible often, you will see many examples in the Bible when God showed mercy and that's also a type of God's love. He also shows it to us in our world, but we don't thank him or praise him for it. God is trying to prove to us that He loves us. And He does. Believe me. Why do you think God would send His only Son if He didn’t love us? God loves us SO much He actually loves us more than any human being. And we, should love Him more than any human being. Or else we are breaking one of His commands. Just like He loves us SO MUCH we should love each other. That is called loving your neighbor. For God, neighbor doesn’t mean the person who lives right next to you, but the person who loves you and takes care of you. That would be following His laws. But also love your enemies. They may hate you, but pray for them to become better. This is also one of the main principles of God and Jesus Christ.


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