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God‘s love for Abraham was expanding. God wanted to test Abraham love for him so he told Abraham to sacrifice his son on the altar. Abraham was feeling great pain. He didn’t want to kill his son. That is fear . Fear stops us from following God. Fear is a liar. 

That is why we should believe God more. We should love him more than fear.  Even through these things, Abraham passed the test. He was willing to sacrifice his son to God. That’s why we should be prepared for testing. 


God can test our faith when he needs us so we should be faithful to him. God prepares us for trials and struggles, and soon we will die for him. During Abrahams days, you have to kill an ox and walk through the blood of the ox to show an agreement and that was the blood of the ox. God made a promise that he will bless Abraham for he would make his descendants as numerous as a stars.


We need to trust in God‘s promises. When Isaac knew he would be sacrificed, he respected Abrahams decision. He didn’t complain or argue with him, Isaac submission and Abrahams faith caused God not to sacrifice Isaac. God knows that Abraham loves him, so he blessed him with many generations as numerous as the stars.


 We should always be prepared for anything. God tests us to prepare us, and to see if we love our idols more than him. Don’t love anyone more than you love God.

 God is more important than anything or anyone that you know. Idols aren’t good for you. The only thing that idols would do for you is destroy your relationship with God or destroy your spiritual life with him. Don’t you want to stay in touch with the one who created you? Abraham called the place that Isaac could have been sacrificed, “The Lord will provide.” God did provide the sacrifice. 

In this day, and time, Jesus is our sacrifice that was slain for our sins. Praise God!


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