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This is the time where everybody put you on test. You should fear nothing while on the mission to win souls for the Lord. The only thing you have to fear is God, as he is the only one with ultimate power. Fear the one who has both the power on your flesh and soul.

What is the key to winning souls? Putting yourself dead as a wheat seed. Only God will lift you up from there. You cannot win this war with your wisdom. The ruler of this world is your greatest enemy. He has the advantage in every way.

Jesus advised,

“As you are going with your adversary to the magistrate, try hard to be reconciled to him on the way, or he may drag you off to the judge, and the Judge turns you over to the officer, and the officer throws you into prison. I tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.”

So avoid any conflicts. You have no options but to accept their slaps on the face. Don’t judge them like the world judges. A fool man will spent all his energy and time talking about disappointments. There is nothing worse than that. That is absolute failure and departure from the will of God. That you can’t afford.

How would you live with them? Jesus said, “How long must I live up with you?” It is because the wickedness of their heart. My prayer to the Lord is to make my heart as strong as a steel. That it won’t be broken by the enemy.

May be this is how the children of this world are wise. They will never trust you. Even if you are a brother. They know always what is going on. They know what they want. And they don’t take no for an answer to get it. They have well prepared for it. I mean all what ifs… and in case offs.

Now let’s see what most Christian are. We trust everyone in the name of love. We have no idea of what is going on. We don’t know what we really want. And for something we need, we will not put everything we have to get it. Think about it. Now how would we fight the good fight of faith? If we are incompetent, we don’t fulfill the criteria for success.

Man’s greatest enemies and strongest tools of the wicked are REVENGE, FEAR, TRUST and PLEASURE. How does the devil implement them in our lives? Through Ignorance. He will tell you how to REVENGE your enemy and you will not forgive. He will magnify your problems that you will FEAR them. He will make God too far and not caring, not interested in you so that you don’t TRUST him.

While the devil uses these things to devour us, our only hope Holy Spirit always whispers the antidotes of these greatest threats and he will tell you how to be aware of them. It is time to wake up! Your enemies have increased in number. There was time for a sleep. In fact for long time, you were slumbering. Now is the time to REVENGE your enemy.

Now is the time to fight the good fight of faith. He will maximize your pain and when he does, wake up because he wants you to REVENGE. He will tell you that you are beaten severely and left alone. In fact the thing might be true. But he will amplify it so that you feel bad. Most of us go for our REVENGE. That way we feel like our pain is released from us.

But whether you REVENGE your enemies or not, you will feel the same. All we have to do is to cry to the father. That he will REVENGE our REVENGE. As for me, I want a big and true REVENGE on my true enemy. Since I want a big one, I don’t want to mess it up trying to do it myself.

I already gave it the manufacturer and I am patiently waiting for the date of manufacturing of my REVENGE, manufactured by God Almighty, since I have this revelation of the wisdom of God.

Holy Spirit always embolden us to have faith in God. It is the opposite of fear that the devil tries to introduce in our lives. Without faith we cannot see and please God. That is why the enemy’s main target to destroy your faith is by allowing certain things to shake our faith in Christ.

Whatever the circumstances look like, don’t abandon you faith. That is the most precious gift you have that you must be vigilant enough to protect all the time. Jesus continuously preached the importance and the value of faith in our day to day life. Unfortunately, as humans, we tend to focus on the current situation instead of the overall picture and the destiny God is going to take us.

When the disciples were confronted with a troubling and life threatening storm, they immediately found themselves under the influence of fear. They cannot even pray or exercise some of the faith words they learn from their master. But Jesus demonstrated how they should handle their fear and become fearless children of God.

Devil also fights us with the issue of trusting God when he seems far away. The truth is God is never far away. He is always with us till he comes back. We have to declare from the word of God that Holy Spirit will never forsake us. By doing so, we will have hope and faith in him.

When the devil tempt us with the spirit of immorality and false pleasure, we can defeat him by sticking to the fear of the Lord. Remember that our faith fathers defeated physical temptation by fearing and honoring the lord above themselves or any other human.

When their obedience were completed, God was able to reward them with more glorious things than the temporally sinful pleasure they would have experienced if they had failed the test.

Do we ever think that there is nothing that is hidden? All we do in secret will be revealed in day light. All we do in private will be revealed in public. Who do that? God. Why? Because we fear man instead of God. 

When we did our sin, we were worried about men seeing us. But we didn’t think about God almighty. For that he disciplined us since he didn't want to lose us in the wilderness. God is the punisher.

Sometimes we do that not out of disrespect but out of loneliness. Being Helpless and discouraged. Out of all of our afflictions and tribulations.  But how can we did this to him?

We should FEAR him since he deserves all our respect and love. Sometimes we disobey God because we don’t know how not to disobey him. But let’s obey him all the time even it means we have to pay a lot of sacrifices to do that.

God bless you!



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