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  1. Have at least one hour bible study per week with your spouse
  2. Always pray with your spouse no matter how
  3. Husbands submit to your wives as you submit to Christ
  4. Wives submit to your husband as you submit to Christ
  5. At the time of conflict always find the common ground and build on that
  6. Acknowledge Holy Ghost as the leader and rule maker of your house
  7. Don’t blame your spouse for criticizing you because that could be your weakness. No one is perfect. Accept criticism.
  8. Humble yourself before your God and spouse
  9. Take time to enjoy life together.
  10. Worship and Serve God together
  11. Take charge of your finances together
  12. Grow together as a family
  13. Appreciate your spouse in front of others (specially your side of family, like your mom and dad).
  14. Trust your spouse even if things don't make sense sometimes. Trust is the key to relationship
  15. Know what makes your spouse very angry and stay away from it
  16. Make your family first before anything except your faith in Christ
  17. Know how to please your spouse. It could be as simple as bringing flower or buy a small gift
  18. Take responsibility to help your soul mate in everything s/he needs help.
  19. Spend as much as time with your spouse
  20. Separate time with your spouse from time with your children
  21. Make love as often as possible. Make it a habit unless you want present yourself before God in prayer together.
  22. Fast together so that the devil cannot attack by divide and conquer
  23. Lead by example not by force
  24. Accept one another even if things look silly
  25. Accept criticism and strong feedback
  26. Be honest. Share what you feel honestly with your spouse. Don’t take grudge.
  27. Don’t forget to say I love you before you leave your spouse
  28. Pray for your spouse even if s/he doesn't know that
  29. Don’t share your marriage secretes to no one
  30. Holy Spirit is your true counselor. Don’t trust human beings with your marriage.
  31. Know that your marriage is the most important thing next to your faith in Christ
  32. Protect your marriage with all you have got when it is in danger
  33. Don’t involve your parents with your conflicts unless it is absolutely necessary. Your conflicts will go away soon but they won’t.
  34. Be always hopeful about the future.
  35. Create a sense of security; specially husbands
  36. Be positive. Don’t interpret the words of your spouse in the wrong way. Always ask for more clarification.
  37. Love gently. Life is short. Huge gently. Talk gently. Show your love and don’t hide it.
  38. Honor others more than yourself to serve them with humility
  39. Never hesitate to ask forgiveness
  40. Become the source of laughter and joy
  41. Be helpful
  42. Be inspirational.
  43. Always thankful
  44. Always forgiving
  45. Always cherish
  46. Don’t be too jealous with your spouse. Jealousy opens the door to marital infidelity. True love is not jealous and doesn't envy.
  47. Always ask for help if you need help. Sometimes husbands need to be told what to do specifically for their wives.
  48. Be Thoughtful and Passionate
  49. Be Merciful and Loving
  50. Be Caring and Protecting
  51. Be Peaceful and Joyful
  52. Be Compassionate and Decent
  53. Be Graceful and Praiseful
  54. Be Truthful and Honest
  55. Be Patient and Thankful
  56. Be Servant and Helpful
  57. Be Gentle and Full of empathy
  58. Be Disciplined and Respectful
  59. Be Sincere and Full of integrity
  60. Be Generous and Cheerful
  61. Be Content with your spouse.
  62. Be Knowledgeable and Wise
  63. Always intercede for the sins of your spouse to God
  64. Be Thankful
  65. Be Obedient and self-sacrificing
  66. Never count or recall one’s wrong doings
  67. Be Hopeful for the future
  68. Love like crazy
  69. Forgive like everything a person does harm to you is like a scratch.
  70. Humble yourself like you are the dumbest and lowest of all, but you know that you are not that at all.
  71. Share out of Love; not because you want something in return
  72. Be Holy. Purity from immorality
  73. Don’t grumble and complain on your spouse
  74. Watch what you do with your time. Actions speak more than words.
  75. Watch out the words that come of your mouth. Words can heal or break your relationship.
  76. Don't make empty promises. Be a man/woman of your words
  77. Prophesize good things on your marriage
  78. Never mention the word divorce in any of your arguments
  79. Fulfill your family needs
  80. Come up with a common working plan to discipline and raise your children
  81. Always resolve conflicts before it is too late. The sooner the better.
  82. Take a short walk when you are too angry to speak.
  83. Never argue with your spouse in a difficult situation. Find the right time and place to do it.
  84. Don’t fight in front of your children. But also let them know that healthy arguments are also part of life.
  85. Deal with your personal, spiritual and professional issues without hurting your relationship
  86. Don’t keep secrets that can potentially hurt your relationship.
  87. Allow time to solve some of your critical marital issues.
  88. Remember that we are constantly changing every day. Tomorrow is another day.
  89. Know that you are the protector of your family next to Christ. God has trusted you with a precious gift.
  90. Be Faithful and Loyal
  91. Be Gentle and Kind
  92. Keep your promises and never make empty ones
  93. Keep the secret of your marriage and your spouse. Very important.
  94. Be faithful to God and to your marriage
  95. Fear God. Before doing anything ask your self the question of fearing and obeying him no matter how smart you think you are
  96. Please God. Always find a way and a reason to please him.
  97. Tell your spouse that s/he has an important role in your life every time
  98. Treating your spouse with respect in front of friends and family
  99. Establish and pursue your marital visions and dreams. This can be both physical and spiritual goal you want to achieve as a family
  100. May God bless you and protect your marriage from any form attack from the evil and bless it till he comes back! Amen!!!


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