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When we are no longer wanted to go by the ways of the Lord, we will be given onto our evil desires. And ours own thoughts will be our enemies. We search for the scrambled pieces of our lives all over the places; we found it deeply rooted in to the things that are very important to our lives.

Love in Christ is stronger than anything I ever experienced. Sometime we are trying to punish ourselves due to the buried venom deep in to our body and soul which is the greatest sorrow of all time.

There is nothing painful like it, nothing deadly. We may have experienced many other painful experiences in our lives but no one was like that one. How we become a monster craving for more sin to our body, is sometimes despicable and difficult to trace it.

You can’t hurt anyone if you really love them. Family is the most important element of our lives. We all love our family. We need their support especially spiritually. They say, ‘a family that can’t pray together never last forever’. We want to be who we are born to be and they play a major role in this regard. We needed them most and we want them to be with us all the time.

When a family is disintegrated we will lose everything. In the process we also lose every bit of our existence and identity.

That is why God always rescue those whose families are devastated and whose identities are lost by sending his Angels. But when our disappointment and our anger was not over, God presented the chance to actually forgive each other for not being there in the time we want each other the most.

The idea is to be available for our family both physically and emotionally when they need us most.

We also need to become one with Jesus.

But what really makes us live in the right way without sinning against the Lord?

It was the new heart that God has given us from heaven. He will create a new heart that will carry his teachings and not forget his decrees and laws. His laws are the law of love and brings life to our soul.

The new heart the created for us has something in it that is called forgiveness. It is filled with tremendous amount of joy and happiness.

Everything in it smells the perfume of mercy. Does anything change for us to change? Not yet! So what cause the change? Our faith in Jesus Christ and his word. That if we really believe him and follow him and do what he told us to do.

Then our family will change. 

God only knows how much we have searched for the medicine to the cause of all our miseries and pains in life. All over the places we seek if there is anything like it. But the answer was hidden far from us. Our eyes were blinded and everything in us had a lack of wisdom. 

Well there is time for everything. We have seen how painful it is to rebel against the Lord. When we are in a bondage of sin for a long time, even after we have been set free, we don’t know where to go. Like someone just released from the prison and he has no place to go. 

I mean he can’t go everywhere at once. All his home and his life was the prison and now it is a little bit confusing to him. I don’t know what life would look like without a freedom form the Lord. We tend to Vigilant, strong, with a sparkle in our eyes, eager to know everything in life. 

And I tell you what that is all about. It is all about life and freedom. This freedom doesn’t come in vain. Someone has definitely pay it penny by penny. Jesus has paid it for me to get my freedom. He paid by taking the same punishment I should get for my sins. 

Satan had total control of your life in the past but no more. You are bought by price by the prince and he wants you to be his beloved.

You called us and ordained us before our body was formed in our mother’s womb. We need to finish the job you gave us before even we were born. We want to be a man who is after your heart and we need to do this. If you ever want us to get your message across for the generations to come, we pray that you bless us supernaturally so that we will be a blessing to others.  

Our Lord we bless your name in each and every individual moment you have created for us after you have freed us from bondage and make us live a life full of peace and love.

Let your name be glorified in Jesus Name!

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