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By   Phoebe   Date Posted: Jun. 19, 2022  Hits: 23   Category:  Relationship to God   Total Comment: 0             A+ A-


Friends and listeners, with God, nothing is possible. All the circamstances will be hard. And we can do nothing about it. But of course, God was here before human world was created. (That does not mean devil was here without a purpose.) This means no harm will come to us.

Not to mention, I almost forgot! Faith in God is also part of making him happy. So if God can do anything which is always true, faith can as well! And so can you with faith. 

You can move mountains with faith and turn water to wine.If you love God deeply you can do anything! So have faith in God so things can go easy on Earth, and God will let you do nothing but praise Him in heaven.


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